What does a Transitional Fosters do?
Transitional Fosters are volunteers, individuals or families who agree to welcome future therapy dogs into their home. It's ONLY for 6 weeks! These homes are where training and socialization starts; it is here that they become comfortable with home life, learn basic obedience, and begin to experience the world.
You can help us unite people with trained therapy dogs in a powerful program that leads to greater independence. You can foster a dog and change a life. Volunteer transitional fostering is an incredible way to start therapy dogs on their way to helping kids practice reading, rehab stroke patients and more.

What type of training will I do with the dog?
You will only have the dog for 6 weeks. This is a time to socialize the dog with people and other dogs. Make sure the dog is properly potty and crate trained, don't worry our trainers will help guide you through it! And have fun with the dog make sure he is a fun loving dog ready to be trained to do therapy work.

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So, do Fosters get paid?
Fostering is a volunteer position, but you do get paid with lots of puppy kisses. You also get the gratification of knowing that you are helping train a therapy dog to help others. What could be better than that!
How does VIP Dog Teams prepare individuals for their role as a transitional foster?
Each foster goes through an orientation process and is given a manual. We also provide ongoing staff support to each foster via phone, e-mail, AND in-person follow-up.

What kind of financial commitment is required?
Fosters agree to provide food, toys & treats, transportation, and related expenses while the dog is in their care. These costs are usually tax deductible. VIP Dog Teams is usually able to aid with catastrophic veterinary expenses.

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