What do puppy raisers do?

What do Puppy raisers do?

Puppy raisers are volunteers, individuals or families who agree to welcome a future Facility dog into their home. These homes are where our young puppies‘ training and socialization takes an important turn; it is here that they become comfortable with home life, learn basic obedience, and begin to experience the world.  For a Full-Time raiser the commitment is for 18 months. Part-time raiser 6-8 months. Puppy sitter weekends or vacations coverage.

Every working dog starts as a puppy that needs a loving home. You can raise a dog and save a life. Studies show “policemen and firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty.” Volunteer puppy raising is an incredible way to help our First responders  with a Facility Comfort K9 as well as our local schools with a School Facility Comfort K9.

What type of training will I do with the puppy?
Puppy raisers must set aside time for daily training and attend obedience classes for the duration of the project. You will bring your puppy to class a minimum of once a week for training. VIP Dog Teams uses the Puppy Start Right clicker training program (By Karen Pryor). By using the Start Right program, you will positively introduce your puppy to the world and practice what you learned in class at home weekly. VIP Dog Teams also utilizes the Baxter and Bella Training Program. You will also take you pup on age- appropriate outings and have video to watch as much as needed.

I work outside the home; can I still be a puppy Raiser?
Absolutely!With permission. Most puppy raisers gain approval to take the puppy to work. We recommend speaking to your employer prior to applying. The puppy will need regular toileting breaks throughout the day and a safe comfortable place to sleep in their crate.Taking your dog to work will help the puppy’s development, it will introduce them to the outside world that they will soon be living in when they graduate as a therapy or facility dog.

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So, do Puppy Raisers get paid?
This is a volunteer position, but you do get paid with lots of puppy kisses. You also get the gratification of knowing that you are saving lives and helping our community. What could be better than that!

How does VIP Dog Teams prepare individuals for their role as a puppy Raiser?
Each puppy raiser goes through an orientation process to learn what to do BEFORE you get your puppy AND you will be given a subscription to Baxter & Bella to learn how to set up your home, have a family meeting about house rules and tons of videos to reinforce the live training you will get with VIP trainers..We will help you get your home ready for puppy success and also provide ongoing staff support to each puppy raiser via phone, e-mail, AND in-person follow-up. Your not alone. We have a VIP village to help you evry step of the way.We typically raise 3-4 puppies at a time so you will have fellow puppy raisers to meet and go to class with. It’s so much fun!

How can I possibly give him up when the time comes?
You and the puppy you raise will take an amazing journey together! It’s only natural that you will become very attached to the dog. The ability to move your pup on comes from knowing that you’re raising this puppy for a purpose — that the puppy will go on to save others. Your puppy may become a facility dog in a school, police station or fire station and save lives.

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 What kind of financial commitment is required?

Puppy raisers agree to provide food, flea and tick treatment, transportation, and related well puppy expenses while the puppy is in their care. These expenses are usually tax-deductible. VIP Dog Teams carries insurance on all of the dogs to aid with catastrophic veterinary expenses.

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