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Please see the dogs videos on our Facebook page by clicking on the top FB symbol on the website or click the link you for your interest in adopting a VIP Dog Teams Trained dog.

Please fill out the form as best you can and we will be in touch! All the dogs have the potential to do therapy work but will need further training and the 1-year-old poodles will most likely need to mature a little more.

You will need to attend our Therapy Prep School. You need to learn what the dogs have been trained to do. We would LOVE for you to give a DONATION for your trained dog so that we can have the funding to train more therapy dogs. Our suggested donation amount is $800. The dogs have all had months of training and have been spayed or neutered. All dogs are up to date on their vaccines and flea and tick protection.
Even with a trained dog, YOU need the training to learn how to work with your dog, so the Therapy Prep Class is a requirement. Therapy Prep school starts in January 2020 (the cost is $149.00). Please Note these dogs will be available in early December. We encourage you to apply now, as we typically receive multiple applications. A home check will be done prior to adopting as well as introducing the dog to any of your current pets. We adopt our dogs to the best home for the dog and it's new forever family. If you are not chosen to adopt one of these dogs please check back we will have more dogs available in the future.

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