Sponsor A Therapy Dog

Are you looking for a community project that boosts morale and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy? Sponsor the training and care of a therapy dog for someone who needs assistance and know that you are bringing a greater independence into their life.

Your sponsorship of $3,500 will provide the following . . .

  • Opportunities to meet with and take pictures of the dog you’re sponsoring.
  • The honor of naming your dog. (Some restrictions may apply).
  • Demonstrations of the skills the dog is learning as it advances through it’s training.
  • Photos of the progress your dog is making.
  • An opportunity to personally meet the dog’s new handler, once the placement becomes final.
  • Media publicity (newsletter announcement, website notice, local newspaper) about your sponsorship, if desired.
  • Your dog will be featured on our website and social media pages with frequent updates as it goes through the therapy training.
  • Your gift is tax deductible!