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 Puppy Training Class

Puppy Training Class

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Puppy 'N' Me Puppy Training Class

Puppy Training Class is the way to get you and your puppy off to a great start. We use expert techniques that teach your basic puppy commands; sit, down, leave it, self-control and come. We use ONLY positive based training.

Puppy Training is a fun class where kids are welcome and taught how to communicate with their puppy.  A chart based reward system encourages you and your kids to practice your homework. With the whole family working together you will have a happily trained puppy who will grow up to be a good dog.


No Kids Around?

Do you have a puppy but no kids around? Then YOU and your puppy NEED to sign up for this class because your puppy needs to be socialized with kids!!

Puppy Training can be your family Sunday outing for the next six weeks. Play, learn and have fun with your kids and your puppy! Sign up today, classes start soon and will fill up fast!


Class Details

WHEN:  September 9, 2017
WHERE:  5247 Camino Ruiz, Camarillo, CA  93010

Look for the Ez-up and the VIP Dog Teams Banner

WHAT TIME:  10:00 - 11:00 am

WHAT TO BRING:  You, your kid(s), your VACCINATED puppy (over 4 months or fully vaccinated), treats, and your willingness to learn and have fun!

COST: $125 for 6 weeks. If you are a senior (65+), you will get a $5 discount. You can pay by mail or online.

An additional $4 service fee will be added to online payments.

Please note we will not reserve a spot for you until payment has been received.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@vipdogteams.org or call (805) 419-0677