Pup club at the Boys and Girls Club

                       Pup Club

Our Approach

We take 10 high-risk first graders (identified by their teachers) and help them learn sight words. The therapy dogs "work" with the kids once a week during the school year. Our approach is simple "make it fun". The dogs don't judge, they don't correct or make fun of the kids. They just listen and give and receive love. We play lots of different fun games with sight words. And if the kids are having trouble with a few particular words they teach them to the dogs.

Our Story

This is our second successful year of Pup Club at the Boys and Girls Club. We have an amazing group of volunteers who are certified therapy teams. They bring their dogs every week and "play" sight word games. VIP Dog Teams is a GOAL oriented program so we test the knowledge of the kids before we start and again when we are done.

Our results are phenomenal! The pre-test knowledge was 38% overall the post-test knowledge was 98% overall.

Oh, what a therapy dog can do!


How can you help?...

You can help by Volunteering to join us with a certified therapy dog. If you are already certified contact us at https://vipdogteams.org/contact/  and introduce yourself and we will arrange an evaluation of you and your dog and make plans for you to join us. If you aren't certified but you think your dog has therapy potential head over to our training pages https://vipdogteams.org/therapy-dog-prep-school-info/and sign up for a class. Maybe you are looking for a therapy dog potential? We are always training dogs one may be the right fit for you. Check our pups in training page.