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President/ Founder

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Vice President

Nancy was born and raised in Ventura County, CA. She is currently a registered nurse and has earned a Master's Degree in Nursing, She is teaching our future nurses at Cal State University Channel Islands (CSUCI). On top of the work she does in the medical field, she has managed to combine her love of dogs and community service and has been the president of VIP Dog Teams for four years now. Nancy is the head trainer for VIP Dog Teams.

Nancy has been training dogs for 5 years and is our head trainer. She has studied at Dunbar Academy, Karen Pryor Academy and AKC. She believes in positive training methods and feels we need to learn to communicate better with our dogs. Nancy loves clicker training for positive communication and is on a mission to train more therapy teams and a Crisis team to serve Ventura County.

Kitty Bokoles spent her career as a Human Resources (HR) professional until retiring from The Boeing Company.

Kitty holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology and business, a Master of Science degree in human resources management and development. An avid dog lover, in retirement Kitty knew she wanted to do something meaningful that included dogs and therapy seemed a great fit. She now is a puppy raiser for VIP Dog Teams and eventually would like to train her own therapy dog and do hospice visits.

Kitty and her husband, Jerry, enjoy traveling internationally. They also enjoy traveling locally in their motorhome. They have four adult children and seven grandchildren.

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Linda Secretary


Barry has spent more than 20 years in accounting, finance, and business. His most recent position being the vice president of finance at Time Warner Cable. His extensive business acumen is a much welcome addition to our team.

When Barry is not working he is coaching high school tennis. Barry enjoys working with the youths and building their self-esteem through sports.

Linda is a retired teacher who trained high school students and adults in office software.  She has volunteered with a  nonprofit serving children and families.  She has chosen to assist VIP Dog Teams as a board member acting as Secretary.