Puppy Training

Begin your puppy training by teaching good habits from the very first day she comes home.

You just brought your new puppy home. You want to play with her and love on her, but you also want to train her to be a great puppy that will turn into a great dog. Your new pup is just itching to learn all the house rules. After all, she wants to live in the house with her people so, she’ll need to learn all of the people’s rules. But who is going to teach her? You of course, but how?

Remember she wants to please you but she must learn how. The most important thing now is to set up her environment (your home) for success. You need to design her living quarters so that house training and chew toys training are errorless. Without the right environment and rules in place, your puppy will be left to improvise with her choice of chew toys (shoes) and where to go to the bathroom (like on the carpet and floor).

Remember good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits. So, let’s get started. First things first. Potty training your new puppy.

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Your puppy will need to go to puppy class once she has been vaccinated and your vet says it’s safe to be out with other pups, but where do you find an experienced reliable trainer?

Puppy Training Class

Puppy Training Class is the way to get you and your puppy off to a great start. We use expert techniques that teach your basic puppy commands; sit, down, leave it, self-control and come. We use ONLY positive based training.

Puppy Training is a fun class where kids are welcome and taught how to communicate with their puppy. A chart based reward system encourages you and your kids to practice your homework. With the whole family working together you will have a happily trained puppy who will grow up to be a good dog.

Don’t have kids? Then you HAVE to come to our puppy class and expose your new pup to the kids that will be in class. Your puppy needs to be socialized to kids, men, strangers and other puppies. And, it’ll be a great bonding experience for you and your pup! Click here https://vipdogteams.org/puppy-me-puppy-training-class/ for info about the best choice for your puppy’s training.

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Nancy Mitchell

President – VIP Dog Teams