Does my Dog get bored???

Find it game Most dog owners would agree that it is important to keep your dog physically fit and well exercised so they will have a good quality of life. But how many of you think about what is going on in your dog’s head?? Bored dogs are typically labeled behavior problem dogs. They may bark excessively or chew things up or even suffer from anxiety when you leave. Sound familiar?
Well your canine (dog) needs enrichment. So how you ask. The simple game on the video is a good place to start. Find it or scent work will engage your dogs brain.
Did you know Scientists guess the dog’s sense of smell is somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours. One of the reasons a dog has such better smelling ability than us is the number of scent receptors. For every scent receptor a human has, a dog has about 50.
True scent work is an actual AKC sport. If you and your dog enjoy the find it game you may be a great team for real scent work. We have a few trainers right here in Ventura County that teach scent work. But back to our simple find it game.
Start off with your dog in a sit or down. If they already know wait or stay (we teach these separately but that’s a whole other blog post) ask your pup to wait/stay then (the first couple of times) let them watch you put food and or treats down not to far away. Most in plain site some behind or around toys as shown in our video. Then release your dog and say find it. (your dog doesn’t speak english so they have NO IDEA what that means) so point and help your pup FIND IT! As you play this game more and more you can make the treats harder to find. You could play this game with your pups morning meal. Why not it has to be more interesting than sticking your head in a bowl and being done 20 seconds later.
So have fun with this simple game and look to Canine enrichment books or Brain games for dogs books for a 100+ more games.

Now go play find it with your pup!!