RUFF road Robbie

Robbie's Story

Robbie was owner surrendered to Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) after her owner found himself overwhelmed. He was recently left alone with 3 young children to raise. He knew Robbie was a good dog and needed more time and attention than he was able to give her.

Her owner before that had used her in a petting Zoo where she was painted pink and dressed up to entertain people. She also had her debarked. The nice thing for us is that she is a sweetheart even after all of that. She loves people and getting attention. That is exactly what we want when looking for a potential therapy dog.

Robbie is named after Deputy Sheriff Robert Daniel Bornet. We want to honor and thank Officer Bornet for his duty and sacrifice. We hope that by naming "Robbie" after him she will carry on his good works by doing therapy work in our community.

Robbie is a 7-year-old standard poodle and a wonderful addition to the R.U.F.F. Road (Rehabilitation Utilizing Furry Friends) Program. With your help, we can train Robbie to be a great therapy dog. Robbie will be available for adoption around mid-July. We ask for her adopter to have the desire to become a therapy dog handler and take a class to become a certified therapy team.

How Can You Help With Robbie's Training?

  • VIP Mutt Poster - Any amount you would like to give: (the poster is $250).
    • So Robbie can help spread the word about VIP G.O.T. Dogs  (Goal Oriented Therapy Dogs)
  • Food (for 6 weeks) - $60
  • Training Treats (for four weeks) - $20
  • Heart Guard and Nex Guard (for six months) - $195
  • Pet Insurance (for 1 month) - $24
  • Therapy Vest - $25
  • Training Harness & Leash - $45
  • Crate & Bed - $54
  • Private Training (1 hour) - $100
  • Please let us know if you want your gift to be a monthly donation   (you can stop it at any time).

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