No dog? No problem!

Even if you don’t have a dog oryour dog isn’t suitable for therapy work, there are still many ways you can help VIP achieve our mission.

From administrative work to fundraising, the assistance we receive from our non-dog volunteers is invaluable.

Dog Training Volunteer
Volunteer fundraisers

There are a number of ways you can volunteer with us!

  • Fundraising & Special Events – VIP hosts many special events throughout the year and is always in need of help with planning, setting up, soliciting donations, etc.
  • Event Committees – New committees are developing as the organization continues to grow. Having our input from our volunteers is important to us. Committees meet to brainstorm and discuss ideas for upcoming events.
  • Spotters & Evaluators – If you have substantial experience handling dogs, you may qualify to assist with evaluations and therapy events.
  • Administrative – Help VIP at the office with administrative tasks.

Interested? Reach out!