About Us

Our Mission

VIP Dog Teams mission is to  train Therapy Dogs and Therapy Comfort K9’s to react and respond to people and their environment. Under the guidance and direction of their owner/handler a Therapy dog can be used as part of an animal-assisted therapy team to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond.

Our Goal

VIP Dog Teams goal is to promote the health and wellness benefits of animal assisted therapy. To help achieve our Goal we offer Therapy Comfort K9 pups to Schools, Fire Houses and Police Stations to assist with their peer support and wellness programs. 

We also conduct an active educational outreach program to improve public sensitivity to people with disabilities and we offer Therapy prep classes for pet owners that want to learn how to do community therapy work with their dogs and become a valuable team.

Our Vision

Is to be affiliated with the premier therapy dog organization Pet Partners.Pet Partners maintains the highest standards possible, educating the public about the benefits of animal assisted therapy, and providing continued support to volunteers and the facilities  served.

Our Story

VIP Dog Teams was founded in 2016 by Nancy Mitchell to serve individuals in the Ventura County area with special needs.

It all started with therapy work at local hospitals and libraries with Brewster and Brady the mini-Labradoodles, After providing meet and greet therapy Nancy soon realized there was a need to offer animal assisted therapy and improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of dog therapy services in Ventura County.

Determined to set new standards and ensure the quality and safety of services in the field of animal assisted therapy, The VIP Dog Teams Board became affiliated with Pet Partners. Pet Partners is a  national leader in demonstrating and promoting the health and wellness benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities, and education.  To join us in our Journey Volunteer with us. Click here to get started